Different Plaque Psoriasis Treatment Options

What you may or may not know is that there is no cure for psoriasis. With this being said, it is important to understand your plaque psoriasis treatment options.

The treatment options that are available for you today can not only help you maintain your psoriasis symptoms but in many cases can help you experience remission within your condition. Because psoriasis is a skin condition you will have to live with for the long term, finding treatment options that work for you is the key to living successfully with psoriasis.

Your Basic Treatments For Plaque Psoriasis

Let’s start with the very general treatment options used by those suffering from the beginning stages of psoriasis. Getting enough sun and rest are the first two items on the list. Sunlight provides us with natural amounts of Vitamin D and recent studies have shown that Vitamin D offers substantial healing capabilities and is one of the basic treatments for psoriasis you should begin with.

Because psoriasis is derived from an immune system deficiency, making sure you get enough rest is very essential to preventing unnecessary outbreaks. Do whatever you can do get 7-8hours of sleep each night so you are fully rested and your body has time to recuperate and prepare for each day fully.

Soaking in a tub on a nightly basis of either just warm water or warm water with Dead Sea salts can help relieve some of the redness of your skin as well as the itchiness. Although this type of plaque psoriasis treatment is not enough to keep your symptoms at bay for hours, it is a simple and natural way to relieve your symptoms on a short term basis. If you have a more severe case of psoriasis, you will need much stronger and longer term plaque psoriasis treatment options.

Long Term Plaque Psoriasis Treatments

Ointments and creams for psoriasis are by far the most popular form of treatment for plaque psoriasis today. If you have scalp psoriasis you can find nearly the same ingredients within a shampoo or spray that is easier to apply to your scalp through the hair. Coal tar will be the ingredient you’re looking for.

This ingredient has been the key to treating psoriasis for decades and nothing has changed today. What you should be aware of is that coal tar is only offered in 1% concentration in over the counter products; anything higher than this will require a prescription. If you are suffering from psoriasis you are likely already under the care of a dermatologist you can help you find the best treatment options for you and your specific psoriasis case.

Aside from coal tar, topical steroids are next in line as the most effective form of plaque psoriasis treatment options today. Just as with coal tar there are different densities of ingredient concentrations and many of them require a prescription as well.

What is important to know is that using topical steroids on regular basis can present harmful side effects in some patients. In general, topical steroids should be used for no longer than 2weeks at a time and your dermatologist will help make sure you are using these ointments safely throughout your treatment plan.

Learning about plaque psoriasis treatment options and experimenting with different options can help you learn what works for you personally and what you can utilize on a long term basis.


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