Over The Counter Treatment For Psoriasis OTC Treatment For Psoriasis

The Best OTC Treatment For Psoriasis

Because psoriasis is such a common condition these days, many people wonder what is the best over the counter treatment for psoriasis. Are you wondering this as well? If you are then you need to read the information here very carefully.

Psoriasis is a condition that affects millions of people every single year and the sad truth is that there is on one single cure that will work for everyone. There are people however, that have been able to control and in some cases even cure their skin condition using over the counter treatments for their psoriasis.

Below are some of the best OTC treatments for psoriasis:

OTC Hydrocortisone cream for psoriasis: Hydrocortisone is an amazing topical steroid and it is the only type of cortisone that can be purchased without needing a prescription from your doctor. Hydrocortisone has been used for many different types of skin conditions, including psoriasis.

The main benefits it provides psoriasis sufferers is that it does an excellent job at stopping the itching and inflammation that people with psoriasis have to endure. Hydrocortisone can be purchased under many brand names and the most popular over the counter treatment brands are Cortaid, Aveeno, and Lanacort.

Aloe Vera for psoriasis: aloe vera is legendary for its soothing properties and because of this many people who struggle with psoriasis have found relief using this OTC treatment for psoriasis. Aloe Vera will not cure your psoriasis condition, but it can help sooth the annoying symptoms that this condition causes.

There have been a variety of studies on the effectiveness aloe vera has on psoriasis, but most of them have been inconclusive. Some studies showed it was an effective treatment while others did not. Aloe vera is a very inexpensive OTC psoriasis treatment, so it is worth trying out because it just might work for you.

OTC Salicylic Acid For Psoriasis: Salicylic acid has appears to have some excellent promise as an effective OTC psoriasis treatment. It is classified as a keratolytic, which is a peeling agent that causes the outer layer of your skin to shed. This helps prevent the psoriasis on your skin from scaling over by softening and removing psoriasis scales.

Salicylic acid can be found in many products like Head and Shoulders shampoo or Oxy Clean soap. It can be purchased over the counter in the form of gels, lotions, shampoos, and topical creams. Many people have found tremendous relief using products with Salicylic acid in them.

Coal Tar Psoriasis Treatment: Coal tar is one of my personal favorite psoriasis treatment and it is even as effective as some prescription medications, but you should be warned that it has an unpleasant odor about it. If you can put up with the smell, you should see very good results from this over the counter psoriasis treatment.

Coal Tar can be bought over the counter in the form of shampoos, soaps, and ointments. Some of the popular products that contain coal tar are: T-Gel, Denorex, Tegrin, MG 217, Eczemaderm, Flexitol, Neutrogena, and Soap Works.

Moisturizers For Psoriasis: One of the most common symptoms of psoriasis is dry and flakey skin. This is where moisturizers can help. You should understand that moisturizers will not cure your psoriasis, but they can help alleviate your dry skin.

Cosmetic Cover Ups: Many women who struggle with psoriasis often head straight for their make up to cover over their embarrassing condition. There are specialized concealers like Dermablend or Covermark that can help hide your condition, but they will not cure your problem. They will not even help alleviate the symptoms. Cosmetic cover ups will only hide your problem for a short time, but hiding this condition is good enough for some women.

These are some of the most popular and effective over the counter treatments for psoriasis. Go through and try them out and see which one works best for you.

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