Nail Psoriasis Treatment treating nail psoriasis

Nail Psoriasis Treatment Plans

If you have psoriasis on your toe or fingernails, then you know all to well how difficult this is to live with. This is why so many people just want a nail psoriasis treatment plan that will treat their condition.

Psoriasis is a very common skin condition today, with over 3% of the United States population suffering from some form of it. Psoriasis generally and most commonly presents itself in the form of red skin patches, itchiness and skin scales that build on top of your skin or in the bed of your nails.

There is no cure for psoriasis so your chosen treatment plan is extremely important if you intend to properly manage this skin disease. Now that you know what the most common form of psoriasis is all about, did you know that psoriasis can spread to your fingernails and toenails? Within this article we are going to discuss the nail psoriasis treatment options.

When psoriasis makes its way to your finger and toenails, you will notice pitting of the nail as well as thickening and irregular growth patterns. The majority of people who contract nail psoriasis already have skin psoriasis; only 5% of nail psoriasis patients have one or the other instead of both. As you can imagine, if nail psoriasis is left to develop without interruption for a long enough period of time, then it can create functional and of course social problems within your lifestyle. This is why finding effective treatments for psoriasis is so important.

Nail psoriasis is not a contagious condition but how it develops is still not known for sure. Research and studies have shown that a person’s immune system as well as their inherited genes seems to play a major role in nail psoriasis, but there is no definite cause yet to be determined for psoriasis of the nails.

If you think you are suffering from nail psoriasis but you do not have skin psoriasis as of yet, it may be difficult for your doctor to diagnose this. If there is any family history of psoriasis, it is important to share this with your doctor as this immediately increases your chances of contracting plaque psoriasis.

Nail Psoriasis Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of nail psoriasis you will want to be aware of and watch for include:

  • Yellow or red nail discoloring that looks like a splash of oil or blood on the nail plate
  • Small or medium sized pits developing on your nails
  • Loosening of the nail
  • Crumbling of the nail
  • Areas of white developing and expanding on your nail
  • Horizontal lines on the nail
  • Tiny black lines that are vertical on your nail (tip to cuticle)
  • Development of arthritis in your fingers at the onset of nail psoriasis

As you can see, there are a number of different nail psoriasis symptoms to look for, and any pair of them can be a major sign that you are developing nail psoriasis. Just as with skin psoriasis, there is no cure for nail psoriasis, the goal for dealing with this disease is to do everything you can to increase the appearance of your nails.

Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor may want some, if not all of your nails to be chemically removed. This involves putting a chemical on your nails for 7days until your nail gently falls off on its own without bleeding or pain of any kind.

From here your medications for psoriasis will work that much more effectively and your new nails will grow in stronger. It is important that no matter what form of nail psoriasis treatment plan you opt for that you utilize it gently so as to create flare ups.

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