Medications for Psoriasis – Your Top Choices

If you have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis you will quickly discover that over the counter medications need to be used in conjunction with prescription medications for psoriasis. This skin condition is extremely stubborn and can be quite difficult to treat in some cases.

With this being said, it is important to understand your treatment options and which psoriasis medications can be mixed, and which ones can’t. By working closely with your dermatologist and/or physician together, you can create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you deal with your psoriasis on a daily basis.

Hydrocortisone Medications For Your Psoriasis

The very first line of defense you are going to want to try for treatment is over the counter corticosteroid topical medications which come in ointments and creams for psoriasis. Hydrocortisone creams of 1% density are often sold over the counter as anti-itch treatments and can be found within a number of different brands.

This type of medication for psoriasis can be quite successful for those suffering from a mild case of psoriasis. Studies have shown that by using hydrocortisone creams for 4 weeks straight can help quite a lot. 68% of the study group found the symptoms of their psoriasis to be cleared up completely and in select cases even in remission.

At only a 1% ingredient level, more severe cases are not going to respond to this low dosage and this is where a prescription medication for psoriasis will be needed. The steroid component within these creams and ointments does have the potential to create negative side effects, but for the most part a higher concentrate is what many psoriasis cases require. It is important to speak to your dermatologist regarding the guidelines of use when it comes to higher dosages of steroids in order to avoid any harmful side effects at all costs.

Psoriasis Medications To Help With The Itch

The itch can be one of the worst symptoms associated with psoriasis and because of this; this is the first form of medication people will want to look for. The National Psoriasis Foundation has conducted research to find that if you choose to bathe or rub your affected areas with vinegar, that this is a great form of natural medication to help relieve the itch for a long period of time throughout the day.

In order to effectively eliminate the itch, you are going to have to eliminate the build-up of skin scales and lesions in order to create a smooth layer of skin once again before treating it with any form of medication.

Let’s talk about how to treat the inflammation that comes along with psoriasis. Coal tar medications are definitely the oldest treatment for psoriasis and one that is still used successfully today. Medications with coal tar has been used to reduce inflammation for centuries, and today this same ingredient is found within shampoos for the most part but also in creams and ointments as well.

The National Psoriasis Foundation has recently recommended that the coal tar product you have chosen to use remain on your skin for 2 hours before washing it off in order for it to be as effective as possible.

Medications for psoriasis are continuing to evolve as we speak but today, and you have many viable choices at your disposal to assist you with the breakouts and symptoms associated with psoriasis.

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