Guttate Psoriasis Treatment Explained

Are you looking for an effective Guttate psoriasis treatment plan? If you are, then you need to pay close attention to this article.

There are many different forms of psoriasis, although plaque psoriasis is by far the most popular, it is not the only type out there. Guttate psoriasis will appear on the skin in the form of small, pink drops. These little drop sized lesions will have a very small scale on the tip but nothing like the skin scales that develop with plaque psoriasis. However, the treatment plan is much different.

What’s different about this form of psoriasis is that it is triggered by bacterial infections such as strep throat. Guttate psoriasis will present itself nearly 3weeks after a bacterial infection such as this and this is when guttate psoriasis treatment options will become extremely important.

The symptoms of guttate psoriasis have the ability to go away and then return, especially if the person in question carries the strep throat virus on a regular basis and doesn’t even realize it.

Chicken pox and other types of colds can also trigger guttate psoriasis, especially for those who have been suffering from this form of psoriasis for some time. Any type of infection of the body has the capacity to trigger this form of psoriasis and this is why guttate psoriasis treatment plans need to be in place so you are prepared when a flare up does occur.

A very small percentage of psoriasis sufferers are suffering from guttate psoriasis. It is most common in children and young adults under the age of 30years old. Just as with plaque psoriasis, it is not 100% clear as to the definite cause of this condition but in many cases it runs in the family and therefore the genes can be inherited.

With this being said, let’s run through a few of the symptoms so you have an idea as to what to look for.

  • Small pink or red “drops” on the body
  • These drops or skin lesions will be itchy
  • These outbreaks generally begin on the arms and legs and then spread to the face and other extremities
  • Changes in your nails such as pits and discoloration may occur as well

There are not as many symptoms as plaque psoriasis, but the symptoms that do present themselves make it easy to diagnose this skin condition. For mild cases, at home treatments for psoriasis may be acceptable in the form of warm baths and thick ointments to apply to the affected areas. This can help keep the skin as moist as possible and therefore reduce itching.

For more advanced cases, medications for psoriasis will become the most adequate solution. Because guttate psoriasis appears not in a few specific places but generally taking up large areas of the body, topical treatments may not be the best form of treatment. Your doctor or dermatologist will likely prescribe you an antibiotic. This form of psoriasis develops out of infection and therefore an antibiotic should be your first line of defense.

Phototherapy or Psoriasis light therapy treatment is the next most effective form of treatment for guttate psoriasis and one that requires only a short duration of therapy. You will first be given something called psoralen, a drug that is meant to help your skin be more susceptible to the sun and UVB rays. From here you will be exposed to artificial UVB light and the large quantities of Vitamin D within this light are what will help clear up your guttate psoriasis.

Speak with your dermatologist today and find out what option best suits your needs for guttate psoriasis treatment.

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