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Will Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Creams Work For You?

You have likely heard of the new sensation in the psoriasis treatment, Dead Sea salt psoriasis cream. Regular salt water has been used in the past to try and relieve the inflammation and itchy symptoms that come along with psoriasis but for the most part all that is gained from this form of therapy is a very short lived sense of relief.

This is why new creams and treatment applications have been developed used salts directly from the Dead Sea. Although no one is quite sure whether the water is the key to these healing salts or the sun itself, Dead Sea salts are being added to a number of different products in North America today.

Just as with the other psoriasis creams and treatments on the market, there is no proof any of them can cure psoriasis but they most certainly can reduce your symptoms to make living with psoriasis a bit easier. The Dead Sea offers ten times the salt concentration of any other ocean and on earth and because of its incredible depths it is also the lowest point of the earth reaching 1300feet below sea water. It is the unique composition of the Dead Sea that creates the unique salts used in psoriasis treatment today. Components such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfates and other rare minerals are extremely prevalent in the Dead Sea.

These rare minerals not only have incredibly hydrating capabilities but they also produce natural oils to help with relaxation as well. This is why you will often see Dead Sea salts used in spas. Let’s briefly describe how each of these minerals can contribute to your treatments for psoriasis.

Sodium: sodium ions actually help remove skin scales caused by psoriasis safely and the sodium will bind itself to the water beneath the skin to help maintain permanent moisture to prevent dry skin.

Magnesium: this particular mineral is found within the Dead Sea is found at 15 times a higher concentrate than in any other salt water body. Magnesium encourages the healing of skin tissue and therefore can be a major asset for psoriasis sufferers.

Potassium: this mineral helps regulate the moisture within the skin or the lack there of for psoriasis conditions. It also helps control the oxidation of the muscles and nervous system.

Calcium: this is one of the key ingredients for Dead Sea salt psoriasis creams. It helps strengthen the cell membranes as well as cleanse your pores, allowing for new and normal growth rate.

There have been numerous studies that have shown that although Dead Sea salts cannot cure psoriasis completely it can definitely help reduce some of the most severe symptoms, making your psoriasis barely detectable. Whether you choose to utilize this essential ingredient through creams, or muds or even bath products, you can be sure the natural elements of the salts will not only help reduce the occurrence of outbreaks but also make them less severe.

Anyone suffering from psoriasis knows that outbreaks can not only be painful but they can be unsightly and even embarrassing. Allow Dead Sea salt psoriasis creams to naturally reduce these outbreaks so you can easily live with psoriasis.

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