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Overview Of Creams For Psoriasis

Creams for psoriasis are by far the most common and popular form of treatment for this skin condition today. Topical ointments can not only help to reduce the redness and lesions on your skin, but they can also help with the rest of the symptoms that come along with psoriasis, like the pain and embarrassment.

The most common type of drug you will find within these psoriasis creams, ointments and gels is known as corticosteroids. This is a type of steroid but not to be confused as the more common types of steroids used to build muscle mass. Because corticosteroids are a form of steroid it generally requires a prescription, although you can find creams that offer 1% corticosteroids over the counter.

Psoriasis is a very stubborn skin condition and one that generally requires far stronger creams and ointments than what can be purchased as over the counter treatments for psoriasis. Steroids are rated by class and the lower the class the stronger the steroid within the product. For example a steroid class 1 is far stronger than a class 9.

It is important to note that although these steroids are located in creams and ointments they are still incredibly strong and can create very severe side effects if not used properly. You want to avoid covering large areas of the body with steroid creams because the steroid component of the cream can actually inhibit your body’s natural ability to create cortisol. This in turn can affect your body’s ability to heal and fight infection.

If your doctor has prescribed you a steroid cream as a psoriasis treatment, following their directions exactly in order to get the most out of the treatment and avoid unwanted side effects. Now, let’s discuss the non-steroid creams and ointments on the market today. There are many different options but your main choices include:

  • Vitamin D infused ointments
  • Tazarotene – a Vitamin A induced drug
  • Anthralin

Psoriasis creams that are infused with Vitamin D are meant to help suppress the rapid producing skin cells to prevent the lesions and redness of psoriasis. You can find Vitamin D within a brand called Dovonex.

The Vitamin A induced drug known as Tazarotene and Anthralin work in a similar fashion as the Dovonex as they work to normalize your skin’s cell growth, inevitably slowing down cell reproduction. You can also try an ointment known as dead sea salt psoriasis cream. Many people have had good results using this cream.

What’s great about the non-steroid creams for psoriasis is that there are far less side effects to be worried about and the frequent usage will not create any long term skin damage.

Also, if you are thinking that you have no interest in slathering yourself with greasy ointments, you can stop worrying. The creams and ointments of today have come a long way over the years and now can be easily absorbed by your skin leaving little to no residue behind.

For example, for dry areas of skin you will want to use thicker ointments but in other areas a regular cream does the job. Remember that there are also gels and foams that can easily be applied to areas with hair and sprays for larger areas to save you time. The medical industry is doing everything they can to produce effective creams for psoriasis to help you live with this skin condition.

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