What is Scalp Psoriasis And What Can You Do?

If you are wondering, what is scalp psoriasis, allow us to help you answer this question. First, psoriasis is a skin condition that can develop anywhere one the body, although there are some more common locations than others. The scalp, behind the knees, inside your elbows and under your arms are by far the most common areas for psoriasis but this condition is certainly not limited. Out of the millions of people in America today who have psoriasis 50% of these people have scalp psoriasis, so this should tell you just how common this form of psoriasis really is.

What’s interesting about psoriasis is that if you have a problem area somewhere on your body, it will likely make its way to your scalp at some point. The most common type of psoriasis you will deal with on your scalp is also referred to as plaque psoriasis.

This is because of the skin scales and lesions that will build-up on your scalp and these are called plaque build-ups. As you can imagine, if you are not yet aware you have psoriasis, it can be hard to locate within your hair. For many people scalp psoriasis will begin with a very small patch of dry skin and develop from here. This is why many people at first dismiss this as symptoms of simple dandruff.

This small patch of dry skin will escalate into several patches until your entire scalp is covered with extreme dry skin. From here the psoriasis will continue to escalate to skin scales and lesions that create the plaques we were discussing above.

These can be incredibly painful and difficult to treat. If you have let them build up into mounds of skin scales you will no longer be able to pull them off gently without taking skin from your scalp with it. This is where medicated shampoos become absolutely essential. There are shampoos on the market today meant to help break down these skin scales and allow you to clear them from your scalp gently.

Once your scalp is plaque free, it will become an important practice for you to gently remove new skin scales on a daily basis to try and avoid these build-ups that can become so painful. Even without the skin lesions you will experience symptoms such as redness and itchiness and there are shampoos on the market to help combat these symptoms as well.

There is no cure for scalp psoriasis, any products you are using are meant to help maintain and control your symptoms. In some cases, these products can create a form of remission for your psoriasis but this is not to be expected as this is rare and based on very individual results. It is important to stay away from products that claim to cure psoriasis because no such cure has been found and you may be entering a scam.

Visiting a dermatologist is very important if you suspect you are dealing with scalp psoriasis. Finding the best treatments for scalp psoriasis is very important, and a good dermatologist can help develop the proper treatment plan for you, as well as help you learn how to deal with your psoriasis on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps, now we have answered your question, what is scalp psoriasis, and you can move forward well informed.


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