What Are Scalp Psoriasis Symptoms?

Out of the millions of people who are suffering from psoriasis today, 50% of these people are dealing with scalp psoriasis symptoms. For many people, they are not only dealing with scalp psoriasis but psoriasis on other areas of their body as well; rarely does someone only have scalp psoriasis.

Because of this, you likely have a good idea what the symptoms are but within this article we are going to go through them in more detail as well as a few possible forms of treatments for scalp psoriasis you may want to start with. If this is your first bought with scalp psoriasis, it is a seemingly harmless skin condition, but once it is left untreated and gets out of control the symptoms of scalp psoriasis can be very hard to live with.

The First Signs Of Scalp Psoriasis

The first sign of scalp psoriasis may be when you are brushing your hair in the morning and your brush catches on something, causing you a great deal of pain. Just as with the rest of the body, the first signs of scalp psoriasis are associated with dry skin patches that become scaly over time.

If you are not paying attention you could easily mistake the first scalp psoriasis symptoms to be dandruff. When left untreated long enough you will experience what was described above, skin scales and lesions. In order to confirm that you do in fact have psoriasis, a quick inspection of the rest of the body may provide you with other affected areas. The number one areas you will want to check include under the arms, the inside of the elbows and behind your knees.

Scalp Psoriasis Symptoms Left Untreated

When left untreated these skin lesions and scales can lead to not only the thinning of your hair but to loss of hair as well. Although this hair loss is not permanent it can be a very embarrassing aspect of this skin condition.

Once you get your skin scales under control your hair follicles will be able to return to their natural health and your hair will grow back as it was. Scalp psoriasis hair loss is only in the most extreme cases but it can happen and this is something to be aware of.

You will immediately find itching to be one of the most distracting symptoms of scalp psoriasis. The mild cases of psoriasis only require a topical treatment to help with the inflammation and the itching and this is a very simple form of treatment.

Within 1-2 weeks you should have the itching under control and even less skin scales, if any. It is as the psoriasis advances that the skin scales develop and this is when immediate action is necessary to avoid plaques.

Psoriasis shampoos such as T-Gel, Polytar, Denorex, Tegrin and Clobex to name a few. Some of these scalp psoriasis shampoos focus their healing powers on reducing the bacteria on your scalp that assists to the skin scales and lesions where others work to relieve inflammation and itchiness.

You and your dermatologist will have to decide which form of treatment is best to start with and whether a combination of the two is necessary. Scalp psoriasis symptoms can easily be controlled when you have the right tools at your disposal!


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