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Dealing With Scalp Psoriasis And Hair Loss

Over 50% of people suffering from psoriasis today are dealing scalp psoriasis hair loss. Scalp psoriasis can be a very serious condition that can easily get out of control if you are not monitoring it on a constant basis.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that appears on men, women and even children due to a genetic disorder which allows their body to create more skin cells than they need at a rapid rate, creating lesions, redness, itchiness and in some cases intense pain depending on the severity.

Scalp psoriasis can at first be dismissed as an intense form of dandruff and because of this many people allow their scalp psoriasis to get out of control and without proper treatment it can cause other health conditions like hair loss.

Research has recently shown that some adults experience psoriasis based on different trigger factors such as emotional stress, different medications, sun burns and even infections. For those people out there who have only recently discovered they have scalp psoriasis but have actually be suffering from it for some time, you may be at risk of losing your hair.

Loosing your hair because of scalp psoriasis is not going to happen overnight. It usually happens over a period of time when the person suffering from psoriasis of the scalp ignores the condition and dose not care for it properly. This means that if you know you have psoriasis of the scalp, you need to treat it as soon as possible so you don‘t suffer from scalp psoriasis hair loss.

Psoriasis on the scalp will build up scales into dense lesions also known as platelets. These platelets can become not only very painful but they can actually kill the hair molecules in the area and prevent hair from growing back. Now, this is only a temporary problem that you may not experience once you get your psoriasis under control. This skin condition is not capable of killing off your hair cells completely but it does inhibit them as long as your psoriasis is taking over your scalp.

You may be thinking that with so many different onsets of psoriasis, the treatments for scalp psoriasis must be incredibly complicated, but this is not the case. Treating scalp psoriasis is much easier than you think and it can make your life much easier as well. There are many different types of scalp psoriasis shampoos on the market today mean to help people suffering from scalp psoriasis and Neutrogena T-Gel is one of the most effective choices on the market today.

Coal tar is the main ingredient in all of these products and it can help reduce the inflammation as well as the itching. What you need to do is carefully remove as many of the skin scales as possible in order to prevent excessive build up that can turn into platelets. This can help your hair continue to grow and eliminate the majority of the psoriasis symptoms.

Salicylic acid is another key treatment ingredient you will want to include in your treatment plan. This particular acid helps reduce the risk of scale build-up on your scalp and can be bought over the counter in topical applications with content of up to 3%. No matter what form of treatment you choose, the average duration should be no longer than 8weeks. If you are seeing no improvement by this point, it is time to research other treatment avenues.

Scalp psoriasis hair loss is something that can easily be dealt with and corrected when the right treatment options are used.

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