Is Tegrin Shampoo For You?

When you have psoriasis, the treatment options and shampoo products can literally be overwhelming. How are you to know what works and what doesn’t? Tegrin shampoo is one of the leading psoriasis shampoo treatments on the market today, and it is time you looked into this product and give it a try for yourself.

With millions of people suffering from psoriasis today and 50% of those dealing with scalp psoriasis it is not surprising that there are so many different shampoo options to choose from at your local drugstore. This medicated shampoo is used to treat psoriasis, dandruff and eczema which is why it is so accessible.

After years of distribution many of these shampoo companies have released new lines of shampoos. Within this article we are discussing the original Tergrin shampoo. This shampoo is what is called a keratolytic. What this means is the ingredients within the shampoo work to reduce bacteria growth on the scalp and therefore help to loosen scales and relieve itching. The scales that come from psoriasis can be the worst part of scalp psoriasis. If you don’t continually remove the scales they can build-up into extremely painful skin lesions that become extremely difficult to remove.

Before considering utilizing any form of Tegrin shampoo, it is important that you can get the go ahead from your physician or dermatologist. Because of the strength of the ingredients within this product there are certain medications that can interact with the Tegrin and allergies have been known to present themselves in some cases. Once you are approved to try this form of psoriasis treatment, your doctor may even recommended a tailored usage schedule for you. If your doctor does not provide a specific treatment plan such as this, make sure to follow the directions on the bottle exactly. Here are the steps for application:

  • First, wet your scalp and hair
  • Apply the Tegrin to your scalp and work into a lather
  • Allow to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing
  • Rinse and repeat as necessary

These are the basic application directions but it can’t be stressed enough to make sure your dermatologist is aware of how often you are using Tegrin to ensure you are not overdosing on this medication. It can be hard to think of shampoo as medication but some of the strongest ingredients can be found within psoriasis treatment products and this includes shampoos.

Although there is always the possibility for side effects, very few people experience any with Tegrin. This psoriasis shampoo is available through prescription only, and if your doctor has prescribed this product for you it means you have a very severe condition of scalp psoriasis. The reason you can’t buy Tegrin over the counter is because of the incredibly high density of coal tar, 7%. The only other coal tar shampoos sold over the counter are 1% or lower, so you can see just by this how much stronger this psoriasis product is.

Speak with your dermatologist today about Tegrin shampoo if you are having problems with skin scales and experiencing pain from these build-ups.

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