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Using Polytar Shampoo For Psoriasis

Anyone suffering from scalp psoriasis knows that there is nothing more important than finding the right shampoo to help relieve and reduce your symptoms and Polytar shampoo should be on your list to consider.

Just like many of the other psoriasis shampoos on the market today, Polytar is based around the ingredient, coal tar. Coal tar is a natural mineral that is left over from the coal mining process and one that has been used to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions for centuries. When searching for the right shampoo for your psoriasis condition, make sure to read the ingredients and if coal tar is not on the list, it is not likely to work for you.

Coal tar is a very inexpensive way to treat psoriasis and one that helps eliminate inflammation as well as the itchiness that can be brought on by skin scales and lesions. Although coal tar does not have the ability to cure psoriasis it is one of the top components dedicated to relieving the symptoms of psoriasis.

Until there is a cure for psoriasis, achieving relief from the symptoms is just as good. It is essential to keep your physician or dermatologist in the loop in regards to Polytar shampoo. Some people do discover that they are allergic to coal tar and because of this risk it is important to begin your treatment plan under the supervision of a professional.

How Do Polytar Shampoos Work?

Now let’s get into how Polytar shampoo works. There are active ingredients within this product including:

  • pine tar
  • cade oil
  • coal tar solution
  • arachis oil
  • extract of coal tar

These ingredients act as a mild antiseptic and they also act as a keratolytic. Keratin is a type of protein that aids in creating the skin structure. For people with psoriasis the presence of Keratin may be excessive, therefore causing the thickening of the skin on the scalp, creating skin scales and lesions.

A keratolytic helps break down this protein build-up and therefore reducing the hardening of the skin and excess scaling. Unlike some of the other psoriasis shampoos on the market today, Polytar is available over the counter. This is not to say you shouldn’t first consult your physician before beginning this form of treatment.

How To Use Polytar Shampoo

Polytar should only be used once or twice a week. During application you will want to make sure that your hair as well as your scalp is fully dampened. When you applied the directed amount of Polytar to your hair build and massage it into a thick lather.

It is important to make sure to rinse the shampoo out thoroughly, leaving no residue behind. If you have severe case of scalp psoriasis your doctor may suggest and more aggressive form of treatment that requires you to either leave the Polytar to sit on your head for 5minutes before rinsing or to repeat the entire process twice before continuing on to dry your hair. It is important not to make these decisions yourself, because an overdose or coal tar can be harmful to your health.

Check out your local pharmacy today for Polytar shampoo and consider this product as one of your treatment options.

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