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Denorex Shampoo To Treat Your Scalp Psoriasis

Denorex shampoo is one of the most popular and highly recommended shampoos for psoriasis today. This is a coal-tar based product and because of this it has a strong smell to it that can take some getting used to for some consumers. The reason you want to utilize a shampoo that includes coal tar is because of the natural healing abilities within it.

Coal tar is the main ingredient in many psoriasis treatment products, but it is especially effective within psoriasis shampoos. Denorex shampoo is a widely available psoriasis shampoo because it is also quite effective as dandruff shampoo which makes it a very hot commodity.

If you are suffering from scalp psoriasis, you know the two main symptoms you want your shampoo to clear up are the itchiness as well as the skin scales or flakes. Depending on the severity of your scalp psoriasis you may already have skin lesions spreading to your forehead, and if you are at this stage then utilizing Denorex on a consistent basis is 100% necessary.

Please keep in mind that within this article we are referring to the original Denorex shampoo. Denorex has recently come out with a non-coal tar version of their dandruff shampoo and according to psoriasis users, this new formula does not work nearly as well as the original.

The National Psoriasis Foundation as well as the FDA has not only approved the use of Denorex but they have gone as far to say that the use of coal tar shampoos as a treatment for psoriasis is invaluable and an inexpensive way to successfully treat this stubborn skin condition.

Although there have been issues in the past raised about the continued exposure to coal tar, there is no evidence to support any negative side effects or symptoms caused by the use of coal tar within psoriasis products. Now that you have a little background information you can feel confident that coal tar is safe to use but not only this it will work.

How To Use Denorex Shampoo

Let’s talk about application procedures. Denorex is a very strong psoriasis shampoo and because of this it is only necessary to use this shampoo 2-3 times a week. If you have a more advanced condition of psoriasis it is essential to speak with your dermatologist before increasing the number of times used per week.

It is important not to use Denorex shampoo if you have open sores or wounds on your scalp. This is very common with scalp psoriasis and unfortunately you have to wait for these wounds to heal before you can utilize this form of treatment. This is why it is so important to consistently remove the scales from your scalp to avoid build-ups. These build-ups can be hard to remove and will take skin with them, causing open sores.

Your dermatologist may suggest you try a small dosage of Denorex shampoo only once per week in the beginning because there are reports of allergic reactions to coal tar and before jumping into this treatment plan with both feet it is important to see how your body will react to the coal tar ingredient.

Speak to your dermatologist today about Denorex shampoo, and experience relief from the itching and flakes scalp psoriasis can cause.

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