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Coal Tar Shampoos To Fight Your Psoriasis

Coal tar is a substance that has been used to treat psoriasis for centuries, way before the use of steroids began. Today, coal tar shampoos are still used as a reliable treatment for psoriasis because of the many different compounds found within the coal tar, creating anti-inflammatory and anti-psoriasis benefits for even the most severe cases. As you become more aware of coal tar, you will find this ingredient to be the main component in many of the top dandruff and psoriasis shampoos today.

What is interesting about coal tar is not only that it is a left over by-product of coal mining and distilling processes but that it has the ability to be easily mixed and blended with a number of different ingredients, including different topical steroids. Coal tar shampoos have been proven to be extremely beneficial for certain people with scalp psoriasis because the compound scientists and researchers who create the product are aware of the intense healing capabilities of coal tar and topical steroids. When they are put together you have a medicated shampoo that can relieve not only the itching and flaking of the scalp but the pain as well.

The more you dig into the treatment options of psoriasis, you may have also discovered that coal tar is used as a topical ointment as preparation for phototherapy because it sensitizes the skin and prepares it for treatment. There are so many different applications available when you are dealing with coal tar but the question still remains, is it safe? Because there are so many unidentified ingredients and materials within coal tar and coal tar shampoos, many consumers and psoriasis patients are concerned that over time, research will discover some risk factors within this form of treatment.

There are many different opinions out there when the question of safety comes up in relation to over the counter coal tar products. The FDA has stated that any product containing 0.5%-5% of coal tar is safe to be used by people suffering from psoriasis. On the other hand, the World Health Organization and deemed any product containing 5% or greater amounts of coal tar is considered to be a carcinogen ( a cancer causing agent). With this being said, it is important to note here that this same rule goes for tobacco, alcohol and PUVA treatment for psoriasis. Although there has been no scientific evidence showing signs of harm or risk from those using coal tar shampoos on a regular basis, many manufacturers choose to put a warning label on their products as a precaution.

As someone suffering from scalp psoriasis, you will most definitely want to get the advice of your dermatologist before going ahead to try any one of the coal tar shampoos on the market today. There are risk factors with any medication we use today; no one can know what these ingredients may bring to our health in the future. Coal tar shampoos have incredibly low dosages of coal tar within them and this is all you need to potentially see results and relief.

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