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Amazing Home Remedies For Psoriasis Relief

Psoriasis can be a painful and very embarrassing condition to live with, and because there is no one single cure for it many people are turning to home remedies for psoriasis relief. The good news is that there are some very simple lifestyle changes that anyone can implement to help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of this horrible condition. Below I have outlined a number of psoriasis home remedies to help alleviate your symptoms.

Try Taking a Bath

This may seem very basic but showering, swimming, or soaking in your bathtub are home psoriasis remedies that can help your condition. Often moderate to severe psoriasis sufferers end up with very dry skin and thick psoriasis scales. One of the easiest ways to remedy this problem is to keep your skin hydrated, and taking a bath will do exactly that. When you are bathing to help your condition make sure the water is not too hot. Instead, tepid water works the best.

Some people even recommend using hot Epsom salt in your bathing water as a psoriasis home remedy. Many doctors recommend this as well, so this home remedy may have some merit to it. After you have finished soaking in your Epsom salt bath is also a good idea to apply olive oil or some sort of lotion on your skin when you are done. The oil or lotion will help lock in the moisture on your skin so it does not dry out.

Still other people recommend swimming in the ocean to help your psoriasis condition. It could be the salt in the water, the exposure to sunlight, or a combination of both, but there are some people that swear by swimming in the ocean to help remedy their psoriasis condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar Home Remedy

A very popular home remedy for psoriasis is to take an apple cider vinegar bath. Apple cider vinegar has a legendary history for curing all sorts of ailments and it also has been known to help psoriasis sufferers.

Many people use Apple cider vinegar as a remedy to soothe minor burns and inflammations on their skin. On top of all that, it is also a very good disinfectant for your skin. An apple cider vinegar remedy for psoriasis has not only been accepted as a possible treatment, many people from the psoriasis foundation have also reported great results using this home remedy.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Another important home remedy for psoriasis is to keep your skin moisturized. If you have very dry skin it will begin to crack or even bleed, and then it could be susceptible to infection. For this reason it is very important to keep your damage skin from drying out. Keeping your skin moisturized will go a long way to help prevent your skin from drying out, and it will also help with your inflammation.

Properly moisturize skin will make it difficult for plaque scales to develop and it will also give your skin more flexibility. You should try coating your psoriasis with moisturizers that will help hold in moisture so your skin so does not dry out. You can use simple cooking oils, petroleum based products, or products that contain lactic acid to help lock in the moisture on your skin.

If you live in a very dry, arid climate then you may already be struggling with dry skin. Combine this with a psoriasis condition and things can get even worse. If you find yourself in this position you may want to consider investing in a humidifier. Humidifiers are an excellent home remedy for psoriasis that many people do not even think of. Having a humidifier in your home will raise the humidity and help keep your skin from drying out.

Plastic Wrap Home Remedy

It is a proven fact that most Doctors agree with, that keeping your psoriasis lesions coverd can help them disappear. Covering your psoriasis with plastic wrap will also help any topical medications your are using. All you need for this psoriasis home remedy is standard kitchen wrap, and you’re all set. If you feel a little uncomfortable using the plastic wrap remedy, you could always purchase specially made psoriasis patches.

The Fish Oil Remedy

There have been a lot of studies coming out lately that show a link between the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil and health skin. The trick with this home remedy is not to eat a lot of fish or even take omea-3 supplements. Instead apply Omega-3 fish oil directly on your skin where the psoriasis is bothering you. Fish oil is non toxic, all natural, and inexpensive, so why not give it a shot.

Remedy Your Psoriasis With Sunlight

This a very simple, but effective home remedy for psoriasis that doctors even recommend. All you need to do is stand out in the sun and expose your psoriasis condition to it. However, if you live in a cloudy or rainy climate this could be a problem. Also too much sunlight may damage your skin causing burns or premature wrinkling.

Because of all this, many Doctors prescribe artificial ultraviolet light treatments for their patients. But if you live in a warm climate that gets plenty of sunlight, then this may be one of the home remedies for psoriasis you might want to try out.

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